Bromley Match Ratings: The Results


'Good' just wasn't good enough today for the Daggers as a Michael Cheek goal saw them slump to a 1-0 defeat, a third consecutive loss. Without a point in April, the Daggers remain in 17th with 9 games to play. Groundhog day, much? 

This feeling of a lack of progression this season, despite a good March, has rightly left supporters frustrated and with questions they want answered as to how, with all the backing the manager has received - there is, as of today, no improvement on league position. 

I feel if the team had performed and churned out result at the beginning of the season, this type of day (being less common) would be accepted - but this 'played well but lost' has happened on too many occasions this season. 

It has often been a tale of woes in front of goal that has put us in this position this season and today was no exception - the chance conversion a major issue. Paul McCallum not being able to reach the levels this season; Michael Cheek has for Bromley and did so today - proving why he is leading the goal-scoring charts. 

As I say the performance was an improvement, if we can, zooming in on the game itself; the result and goals aside. Hence why, there is an improvement in player ratings, but let's be honest - it couldn't have been much worse than Monday!

How the fans rated players for their display at Bromley

A fairly average set of scores today, but great surprise perhaps at the lowest score of the day being the twice previous MOTM winner - Matt Robinson. There were a few misplaced passes from the midfielder today and he wasn't on his game - so, a fair rating? 

But I think the fans are more than happy to cut him some slack; given his highly consistent levels of performance to date which earnt him those MOTM titles. 

Onto the man with the highest rating, George Saunders, he was in fact too my Man Of The Match for his decent performance at wing back. It's not his favoured position, hence fan frustration at the team selection, but he did his job well and importantly did what he does best - driving forward with the ball. 

We'll leave it there on that particular assessment of the game for now, more articles to come this week!

As ever, thanks to those who got involved, 



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