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They'll Never Do It The Easy Way!

  We talk about the highs and lows of football. We were at the very depths of despair going into the break; fans angered and disappointed – rightly so. 0-2 down and yet the performance didn’t seem to really reflect that. I, at best, thought of getting a point – at that stage though – I even saw that as unrealistic! The half did it grow on: the deficit remaining at 2. Then, Reynolds pulls one back, hope. Eleftheriou from the touchline into the far corner - stunned, delighted. Still time left on the clock, we kept pushing, the referee points to the penalty spot. I celebrated it as if it were a goal – we’d done it! Or, so we thought. The very depths of despair, we were there again, a point gained would go to two points dropped. The latter feeling would last a mere 7 seconds, the net was to ripple, Brundle would be the one to head it home. Ecstasy. Dotted around East London, mini eruptions – scenes in living rooms! The State Of Play Let’s rewind… going into this one hope and expe

Daggers Uninspiring In Hatters Defeat

  Uninspiring. I often struggle to find a solitary word to sum up a performance, however, following the 0-2 home defeat to Stockport – I find this word synonymous of Tuesday’s encounter. The floodlights, seemed to be the only thing the Daggers owned that were shining bright, on a night where the standard of football left many fans with a rather dim view of play-off hopes. The Daggers now five points off the play-offs, though the level of performance leaves many with the belief things can’t improve as much as they have to in five months – for us, to achieve a top 7 spot.   This is putting off-field financial matters aside, the future of the season remaining in the balance. The State Of Play   Finally. A return to league action, the opponents were Jim Gannon’s Stockport, who were fresh from back-to-back cup contests - the first saw them narrowly defeated by West Ham in the FA Cup.    The second, another defeat against Notts County on Saturday, so the Hatters match sharp

What next?: Abu Departs

  Well, the confirmation came on Monday, Abu Ogogo departs, leaving the captaincy role vacant. But also, more importantly, a gap in the midfield which Ogogo was brought in to fill. To provide grit, determination and fight - galvanise the rest of the side - a talisman. But also, the sheer quality he possesses with his passing and football intelligence.    As aforementioned, he took the captaincy upon his arrival, a move welcomed by fans. Not least because it was Abu Ogogo, the club legend, but the current club captain had questions raised on his performance.    So, in simple terms they are the issues that arise from Ogogo’s return to his parent club following a 3-month-loan. We know the club did all they could to keep him and set out below are most probably the reasons why.   Abu’s impact   Abu made 13 appearances in all competitions on his return to Victoria Road, the Daggers won 7 of those games, drawing 2 – a vast improvement from the chaotic start to the season. Ogog

Daggers 2020: A Year In Review (Part 2)

  The picture off the pitch was little else but bleak – in the wider world – nothing was happening. Nothing could happen: you were left locked in your house, hiding from an invisible killer. A killer, that stopped you from meeting with good friends on the terraces and the stands of Victoria Road. You had to stop going; so you could go again – when it was safe. We thought that’d be October, it wasn’t. We thought that was December, it was, then wasn’t. The latter with the new-found hope of a vaccine. But, now I sit here writing this like all Daggers, desperate to return after being teased once or twice – to return for good. Equally, I sit here knowing that’s not possible and won’t be until the last knockings of the season at best. A new variant, kicking that ‘#LetFansIn’ can down the road, into the distance. January this year, therefore, expected to be miserable off the pitch once again, as postponements are being made on it – so where is the hope at present? It is found in the uptick in