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It’s that time of year again… well 2 months later than usual… but you get the idea. It’s time for the retained list to be announced and it’s sure to be an interesting one: on the one hand the club are looking to move to new heights, but on the other, we are in amidst a global pandemic and financial crisis. I have compiled a list of all the players who were under contract last season (so minus the players that were on loan) and split them into RETAIN and RELEASE . It may cause some heated debate among fans as some discussions already have, but then – football is a game of opinions… UNDER CONTRACT Firstly, I’ll just clear up those who is  under contract: Liam Gordon is believed to have a clause in his contract to extend his deal for a further year, while the likes of Elliot Justham, Myles Weston, Kenny Clark, Mitch Brundle, Angelo Balanta, Sam Deering, James Dobson, Joe Quigley, Reece Grant, Chike Kandi all have contracts beyond the end of the season. STRONG SPECULATION Furt