Here is a January addition of Dagenham & Me’ as I have decided to do one monthly due to the success over Christmas. The supporter today is Paul Harrison. Enjoy :)


Full Name: Paul Harrison 

Favourite current player is Justham or outfield player Robinson. I’ve been a season ticket holder for a few years now and stand in the sieve nearly as far as you can normally go. 

I go to probably 85% of home and away games but have missed a couple more this season than I normally would due to being away on some weekends.

Me and my mates would always go to the evening games when we were 9 or 10 (maybe younger) when I lived in Ridgewell Close, I remember going to Capital League games and we started venturing to away games as young as 13. 

The earliest games I remember were Maidstone, Welling, Dartford and Aveley in the FA Cup which seemed miles away when you had to get 3 buses 😂 can’t remember my first game but remember going Wembley in 1980 - I would have been 11. 

An interesting story is I got asked to bring my boots over once by the physio who used to manage a team against mine in Sunday league, I went training and remember it being hard sessions. Within half an hour of the first session I got kicked in the face and the bloke I knew (can’t remember his name) put 3 stitches in my chin. Joe Dunwell was the manager so about 87/88 I think, ended up coming on as a sub for one reserve cup game so had a 20 minute Daggers career 😂

I’ll pick this as my favourite game even though most won’t remember, I was still at school when we drew 0-0 at home with Swindon in cup , me and my schoolmates took up a whole coach for the Tuesday replay and we won 2-1 in the last minute of extra time! 

What’s changed? Well I’ve taken my grandsons (aged 4 and 5 ) first game. Barrow last season 0-0 , next West Ham friendly 0-0 then took them to Ebbsfleet away on New Year’s Day , at least they’ve seen a goal now but not seen us win (or lose!) 

We’ve had a few good managers but John Still was the best in my opinion. It’s hard to pick a favourite player of all time but Ian Richardson is right up there (and he was a mate of mine too). 

Best away day apart from obvious ones would be Southport away when we broke the record of consecutive wins , 2-0 down and won 3-2! 

Here is my Ultimate Daggers XI. Maybe not the best but the ones I enjoyed watching: 


With Vincelot, Cureton and Uddin on the bench.

Thanks for reading,

That was Dagenham and Paul 


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