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Daggers 2020: A Year In Review (Part 1)

  The picture off the pitch was little else but bleak – in the wider world – nothing was happening. Nothing could happen: you were left locked in your house, hiding from an invisible killer. A killer, that stopped you from meeting with good friends on the terraces and the stands of Victoria Road. You had to stop going; so you could go again – when it was safe. We thought that’d be October, it wasn’t. We thought that was December, it was, then wasn’t. The latter with the new-found hope of a vaccine. But, now I sit here writing this like all Daggers, desperate to return after being teased once or twice – to return for good. Equally, I sit here knowing that’s not possible and won’t be until the last knockings of the season at best. A new variant, kicking that ‘#LetFansIn’ can down the road, into the distance. January this year, therefore, expected to be miserable off the pitch once again, as postponements are being made on it – so where is the hope at present? It is found in the u

Daryl McMahon: A Year At The Helm

  Delight. A young, hungry manager whose playing style consisted of: fluid, attacking and exciting football – always looking to be on the front foot. A far cry from his predecessor who had caused anger and frustration – above all – in the months prior. The fanbase tipped him as a favourite, along with Boreham Wood boss Luke Garrard (of the same mould), Daryl was to be the man to bring excitement back to the club. A clear change in direction from the top, people who ever questioned their (the owners) ambition – dismissed it as all talk – were given an answer. That change in direction was obvious and a welcome change as we now sensed that the Irishman was someone who could definitely take us to where we want to be. His progress with the team, hindered by the coronavirus pandemic, though the budget didn’t seem to be dented – McMahon getting the players he wanted/ needed to succeed. A cup run which saw us fall at the last hurdle, prior to the 3 rd round, and the playing style, at

Balanta Finds A Way: Daggers Win On Boxing Day

  Following the postponement of the Bromley match that was due to take place on the 28 th , this Dover game was to be the first of back-to-back fixtures against the Whites. Many fans of the Daggers, including myself – demanded six points. Well, we’re now halfway there! Not a vintage display, but nonetheless, the men in red and blue – though those colours were disproportionate – secured the three points. The Daggers played in red top and shorts, as oppose to blue shorts, for reasons unbeknown to me. The only thing I could think up on Boxing Day is that they ‘clashed’ in some way with Dover’s shorts? Anyway, McMahon’s team came out victorious following yet another goal in front of the BT Sport cameras after a great set-piece move off the training ground. The Colombian’s bullet header going in off the bar! So, yes, BT Sport were in attendance as the spotlight was on the city of Dover yet again this week – though less on lorries and the port – but more on Crabble. We wished to have been in

Football. Bloody Hell!

  A fixture, looked upon with gloom, by many – though some expressed a unique optimism before the game got underway. A game that we weren’t expected to win, but by the same token, the fans demanded three points following a poor showing on their return to Victoria Road. Never though, I don’t think, did supporters think it would go the way it did – the passion, determination and commitment – all things that Peter Freund demanded we see in his tweet on Monday; were things we saw. The Take on the Match: A 0-1 victory, with ten men, against top of the league – who had only lost a solitary game this season – THE best result of McMahon’s tenure so far. The TEAM performance was one to be admired, it wasn’t easy by any means, and for perhaps the first time this season – our defence was the best department of our team. Although, the midfield were up there too, all two of the midfielders that remained before Adams came on midway through the second half to help those in the middle of the