This is the ninth instalment of the ‘DAGENHAM AND ME’ series in which we explore fans’ and former players’ relationship with the club. This will be done over the Christmas period with interesting stories being told daily and debates will no doubt spark over Dagenham’s Ultimate XI!  Behind door number 9 is supporter, TERRY, enjoy :)


FULL NAME: Terry Spelman

I have been a season ticket holder since 2012 and have been frequenting Victoria Road since 1984, back in the days of the old Dagenham FC.  

At some point in the mid 80's I became a ballboy, as you can imagine I was kept pretty busy given the standard of football we played back then.  I was positioned in the corner by the Bury Road end and the Sieve, so spent most of my time collecting the ball from behind the stand.  The rest of the time I was being thrown down the big hill that was situated at that part of the ground.  I still remember the first time I retrieved the ball from behind the sieve and took it to the dugout, before handing it to my then favourite Dagger Devon Gayle who was sat on the bench.  I have to admit to being slightly starstruck at the time.  This passed however after about the 20th time of doing it in the same game.


These days, now that the ballboying is over I  help to create a Dagenham and Redbridge Podcast called “A Game Of Headers and Volley's” and in over a hundred episodes  I have had the pleasure to meet and interview some great names from Daggers past and present, including Peter Taylor, Craig Unger, Peter Freund, Steve Thompson and former players such as Junior McDougald, Glenn Southam, Paul Cobb and my favourite player of all time Daggers Legend Mark Janney.  

My favourite ever manager has to be Garry Hill.  This is mainly because of the way he turned a pub team from Essex into a club that performed miracles in the FA Cup and came so close to promotion to the football league.  If someone had told me this back in the 80's, I would have laughed in their face.

My favourite away game will always be the 4-2 win in 2004 at Barnet.  I hate Barnet and a couple of seasons before I witnessed them absolutely murder us at Underhill, so it was nice to go to their place and smash them. Mark Janney also scored a worldie that day and celebrated right in front of us.  Good times.

My favourite Christmas song is Santa Claus is back in town by Elvis Presley.  Simply because growing up in 70's and 80's the Elvis Christmas album was as much a festive tradition as turkey and sprouts.

My all time XI:


Subs: Gothard, Cobb, Vincelot, Matthews, Danny Green
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