This is the fifth instalment of the ‘DAGENHAM AND ME’ series in which we explore fans’ and former players’ relationship with the club. This will be done over the Christmas period with interesting stories being told daily and debates will no doubt spark over Dagenham’s Ultimate XI!  Behind door number 5 is supporter, JOHNenjoy :)


Full Name: John Montrose 

My favourite player currently is Ben House despite him having played just a solitary game his brace was enough to convince me of the quality he possesses. 

I am not a season ticket holder but go with my grandson Jason to the  majority of home games and some away matches. I have supported the Daggers for a little longer than 50 years! 

My first game was in 1967 but can’t remember who it was against as my first match wasn’t exactly planned! I accidentally went to the wrong ground  and turned up at Victoria Road - the rest is history! 

A fun fact is that I have a special routine  if we win but I can’t say it on here as I don’t want to jinx it! A little bit about myself away from Dagenham is that I am also a semi-pro bowls player. 

My favourite game would have to be the play-off semi final against Morecambe; it was when I took Jason (my Grandson) for the first time - that is why it was extra special. Also, it goes without saying it was a fantastic victory at Victoria Road sending us to Wembley - our biggest win - as we put 6 past the Shrimps. 

From my favourite game to my favourite Christmas game and it would have to be 3-0 Boxing Day win at home against Barnet in 2011. 

Staying on the Christmas theme and the Christmas song I like the most is Christmas time by The Darkness. 

The only real change for me in terms of my relationship with the club from when I first went is that I now take my grandson  Jason. I tried taking my son over the years but he has lost interest so it’s Jason that comes with me to games.

My favourite player ever would have to be Billy Bingham - or  as  my  grandson  used to say -'Billy pings them'! The midfielder made over 100 appearances for the club - a great servant over six years. 

My best away day was Sheffield Wednesday the first in League One for the Daggers - I think I cried when I saw the    stadium. Despite the result it was an unforgettable match with over 23,000 watching the match - just incredible! 

Here is my Ultimate Dagenham XI; I tried to make it a modern one from the last 15 years:


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