This is the seventh instalment of the ‘DAGENHAM AND ME’ series in which we explore fans’ and former players’ relationship with the club. This will be done over the Christmas period with interesting stories being told daily and debates will no doubt spark over Dagenham’s Ultimate XI!  Behind door number 7 is supporter, DAVID,  enjoy :)


FULL NAME: David Caulfield 

My favourite player currently, it’s a hard one but with all the new players coming in but I feel like Harold Odametey before he got injured I thought he could have a really good season with his box to box strength and tackling abilities, real shame his out injured. 

Also like Kenny Clark, anyone who starts their career at the club and comes back to be our captain is good with me. He is solid at the back and I hope he can form a partnership with manny that takes us back into the football league. 

I moved away from the area so don't get to as many home games as I used too - try to get over to as many as I can - I make most of the London away games though. 

Daggers away days are great days out especially if its a Derby! I always tune in to Mixlr when I'm not at the games. 

 When I get to Victoria Road, where am I situated? Well, I used to be in the sieve with the times of the drum but the atmosphere isn't what it used to be so when I do make it down I would be in the new Stand. There you have bit of banter with away fans and a cheeky pint at half time. 

My first season as a Dagger was 2002 when we was cheated out of the title to Boston! My first game was again vs Boston on a Monday night where we ran out 1-0 winners! 


What is your favourite ever game(s)?

Now, it’s a tough one to choose just 3! 

One has to be Oxford away when robbo did that famous Air kick to let them score,I remember few Oxford fans outside in the car park giving it the biggen because they thought they had won. As we scored they all had heads in their hands watching us celebrate was a great night and made trip home on a Monday even sweeter!

Another one has to be Wembley league 2 final... What can you say but wow... I nearly fainted waiting for that final whistle, I have the playoff journey and final on dvd and still get a chill watching it. We are well overdue another trip to Wembley!

Last one but could go on for ages has to be FA Cup game vs Plymouth where we was 2 divisions below them and beat them 2-0 for a giant killing which set up a date with Norwich at carrow Road. That took us into the 4th round of the FA Cup ... And well we all know what happened there!

My favourite Christmas game would have to be the more recent one where we came from behind to beat Orient 2-1 on boxing day last season. It was good to see Victoria Road busy again, there was a great atmosphere and the scenes when Ben nunn scored that goal - that was something you don't forget; also always nice to get one over Orient!. 


From game to Christmas song and it is 

Wizzard- I wish it could be Christmas everyday. 

Back to the football now and when I first started going Dagenham it was because all my mates did after football training and it's where we could shout abuse at grown men without getting into trouble. 

As the years went by and I got older, it meant so much more, its where I'm from... When you’re at a game all shouting the songs it doesn't matter who you are what your background is because we all follow the Daggers. 

Its tribal and my son will learn that too (even though he wasn't born in Dagenham he is already a daggers fan) 

Now I don't live in the area it means a lot  more because I'm surrounded by people who are proud of their area so I always make sure people know where I'm from and that I'm proud of that. 

The best manager has to be John Still (even though I didn't like how he left us those couple of times). He loved our club and every time he could he let people know that he did. For him to take us to league 1 from where we was is unbelievable and will always be a hero for that. 

Who is my favourite player(s) of all time?

There are again just so many because you’ve got Junior Mcdougald who was my first favourite player but then Mark arber, Paul Benson - they were all good servants. 

All in all it has to be Robbo. His character. Love for the club. His dancing.

You could tell after the league 2 playoff final what it meant for him and its rare to find those people/players these days. 


Best away day, there are so many to choose from again and pretty much all the Orient barnet Southend Charlton games are always fun. BUT when we played Everton a few years back away - that was a great day. From the train journey up; the pre-drinks; the singing in the concourse before and at half time was brilliant - I got to be there with 2 of my best mates. The game itself wasn't all that, as the only exciting thing was the cat running on the pitch, but the fact a club as small as ours got an away day at a Premier league giant was great. We don't get many of these days anymore that's something I'm hoping will change under our new ownership. 

Here is my Ultimate Dagenham XI: 


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