Wow. Wow. Wow! It was really 6: 6-1 to The Mighty Daggers. I am still stunned by not only the result but the whole performance as we controlled the game throughout. People can say what they want about the recruitment in the summer, but this week some amazing players have been brought to Victoria Road. 

Firstly, Ben House, as on his debut he certainly delivered; talk about instant impact y’know and that was it. A fantastic rocket into the far corner for the first - a proper finish. The second saw him in the right place at the right time as Kandi got away from his man - a fantastic header!

Secondly, the architect, Sam Deering chopped in with two great assists. The first one saw great interplay between him and House to put the latter through on goal - a through ball that split the defence. The second was inside the box and he completely fooled the Shots defenders by using his top football brain. With the knowledge that Luque was behind him the new number 24 turned his back to goal as the ball came in and just let it roll across his body helping it along. Joan Luque made no mistake in slotting it past Walker - a well worked move to make it 4! 

So those new signings just delighted me but something else felt different yesterday and I was buzzing as I entered the ground. It was as if I’d entered my new home for the first time that was decorated fit for a millionaire; just like the ground felt fit for a football league club. 

My favourite part was this sign:

This sign just gives the place more identity  and I think the owners have tried to do that throughout incorporating ‘VICTORIA ROAD’ wherever possible. 

Back to the match, yet still off the pitch, the atmosphere was great with a sense of warmth all around the ground (especially from the Americans). In the terraces there was obviously delight and minimal tension - something I haven’t seen in a while.

The performance had positivity flowing through it as they looked to get forward at every opportunity- no fear. This doesn’t happen too often so let’s hope that changes as it is clear to see it works and it really works: 6-1! 

Another positive in terms of signings is left back Toby Stevenson who was immense on that side. His composure on the ball was fantastic as well as his decision making - the fight he shows is great! Yesterday, the number 18 also proved he had the ability to get forward as he overlapped Luque on several occasions. 

Before the game also saw a fitting tribute take place to Brian East who loved the club dearly - a minutes applause took place.

It was a fantastic day celebrating the very best of the club on and off the pitch - we’re on the up and let’s hope it stays that way on the pitch! 

Thanks for reading,


COYD πŸ’™❤️⚔️


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