What’s going wrong?: Daggers struggle to avoid upset.


Well. That is Dagenham for you, eh? 

Travel to Sutton talking about the 1st round draw only to not actually be in it on the journey home. And why was that? That is what I am going to write about here - why can’t we defeat Carshalton - let alone dominate. 

I feel after that performance play-offs are a tough ask unless we change as there was no real goal threat - no real goal threat from a supposedly ‘superior’ team. The chances were plentiful yet the shots were either not being taken or resulted in wasted opportunities. 

The former was more evident as it felt like a training drill ‘ten passes before you shoot’ or another rule ‘you must score with a Quigley ‘header’’. The latter seemed the aim of the game in the first half though the supposed striker must have won one aerial duel the entire half. 

That is what frustrates me the most, the man has to be told where to be by his own teammates and that worries me. Though he is not the only issue, as one problem forced upon Taylor that I feel had a huge impact was the absence of Kenny Clark. 

He is a leader. Furthermore, he and Onariase are like a brick wall when playing together, however against a side two divisions below you’d expect they’d cope without him! Another excuse you could make is that there was a blatant handball near the end and the officials weren’t the best, but we shouldn’t be relying on that - grinding out a result. 

Onto the positives, of which there were very few, I feel Liam Gordon proved a threat down the left but his inviting crosses were not being attacked! There was also a positive in the way Reece Grant impacted the game - getting a goal with his head. Aside from the goal he just looked such a threat as oppose to the target man who seemed to be walking aimlessly up front. 

So - Taylor opted for an attacking change after Carshalton had taken the lead for the first time but Joe Quigley remained on the pitch! Now, I have never advocated for Taylor to leave and am not in the Taylor out camp currently, however if we are not in and around the play-offs by Christmas I would like to see him leave. 

We had the wrong approach to the game from the outset; trying to find the diagonal ball to Quigley. That was the tactic as oppose to patient, quality football that would tire the opposition. 

So, all in all a frustrating and disheartening day at the office it was - but I haven’t lost all hope. Once Clark is back I will fully assess the performances in line with the manager but we do need a goalscorer. 

That is a must. If we don’t invest in our attack we won’t get into the play offs but the owners and Taylor know that. Their approach is not to panic buy but invest in a player for the future as well as the present; my closing thoughts on that are in this tweet. 


Thanks for reading, 

Keane πŸ’™❤️⚔️


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