Fans’ Forum Review

Many topics were discussed in the seventy minute duration of last night’s fans’ forum so below I look at the key points with my take on these points. THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT. The first points I want to discuss are the positives - points of praise for particular players. 

Positives came in abundance during last night’s forum with one man in particular standing out for Peter Taylor - that man is Mitch Brundle. The Gaffer expressed his and Terry Harris’ desperation for this signing saying he was their number one priority in the summer - a complete player. On the topic of Brundle he says he would play him in midfield, something I agree with, as the versatile player would be wasted at the back. Two more players receiving a lot of plaudits from Terry were Odametey ‘his favourite’ and a man who has a ‘fantastic attitude’ Eleftheriou from Watford. The latter was described as having a fantastic attitude, ability and like a 30 year old from the off despite his youth - impressing the coaches. Another player who they believe could peak at the club - ‘like Paul Benson’ - is Joe Quigley as they stated he had ‘underachieved’ yet there is ‘a lot of talent’ that comes with the striker. Terry Harris and Peter Taylor both insisted that us supporters get behind Quigley and all the players stating they will ‘all make mistakes’ before reaching their peak.

An interesting question put to Terry Harris asked what it took to get out of this league into the football league after Terry had done it on three occasions. He said that fitness and organisation is a big factor saying you will come up against teams that are better than you technically therefore you must match them for fitness. Harris added that the fitness and conditioning coach is great for that very reason also that you need 35 training sessions to get into gear for the season. You’ll be glad to know that The Daggers have had around 36 so are well on course to being fully fit to the levels required to gain promotion.

Another piece of news that came out of the forum is that the new club shop and boardroom will be complete in three weeks time yet the old one won’t be knocked down until everything has moved.  Details include that there will be the new badge on the outside cladding and offices behind the shop on the ground floor as well as a boardroom on top. Also, when Thompson was asked about whether he had anything in place to stop the Hopkin scenario occurring again he said ‘yes’. However, he reiterated these owners are in it for the ‘foreseeable future’ and know that the success won’t be instant being owners of sports clubs in the States also.

There was also clarity on a few departures including Munns, Bonds and Wilkinson with explanations given for all three. The latter had already had a lot of explanation but Taylor reiterated it was out of the club’s hands and can completely understand why a player of his quality wanted league football. He went on to say that Wilkinson is ‘irreplaceable’ with the budget they have but feel Quigley and Grant are capable of getting 15 goals each yet Taylor also wants midfielders to score goals unlike last season. Wanting a spread of goals throughout the team was the main reason for the exit of Jack Munns with the manager explaining his frustration with Jack, who he thought was a very intelligent player, came with his lack of goals. Finally on Elliot Bonds, an academy graduate, Taylor said Elliot and his agent simply wanted him to have him play first team football so he wanted out.

Last but not least, I will focus on the target for the club and the captaincy. Kenny Clark was highly praised by Harris and Taylor for his instant impact as captain and there couldn’t have been a better candidate. However, on the vice captaincy Taylor stared there is a pool of players he will look at from Justham to Brundle to Balanta. Finally, when asked about the expectations for the new season he said he is not looking at automatic promotion but the realistic target is the play offs though he didn’t rule out the title. Harris added they are in the pack of teams that could spring a surprise in challenging for the title but agreed that play offs were the aim. From the league to the cup, when asked about their focus on cup competitions Taylor stared how he didn’t have a good cup record, yet he hopes for a better draw this time round after getting Ebbsfleet and Salford in the FA Trophy last season. 

Overall it was a positive evening with optimism yet realism and I look forward to the first game of the season tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading, 
Keane COYD πŸ’™❤️⚔️⚔️


  1. Excellent article, Keane. Very informative.


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