What next for Dagenham?

So after two disappointing defeats and performances it has to be said, What is next for Dagenham? 

Despite recent form, we look as if we will finish above the dotted line, though it could be in 20th if we carry on the way we are. On the other hand, with 21 points still up for grabs, if we have an upturn in form there is no reason why Peter Taylor’s men can’t still exceed expectations.

The Daggers are at a crossroads with recent tactical decisions questioning Taylor’s capabilities. Also many are expecting a title challenge but this current squad doesn’t seem capable - still short of a few players. Furthermore with deals expiring at the season’s end which is in nearly a month’s time - Who should be retained and who should lead Dagenham into next season? In this article I will explain what I feel is the best way forward.

Firstly, the man at the helm, he has come under scrutiny in recent weeks and rightly so however I think getting rid of him would be a huge mistake. I have written previously about how he has too many attributes and advantages that it would be silly to let him go, these include his profile and contacts. His profile as former England manager makes players want to play under him and his contacts he has made overtime mean he can get high quality players to Victoria Road. I understand the anger and have witnessed the dodgy decisions but in the grand scheme of things it looks like he is going to keep us up - achieving his season’s objective. I feel it would be very harsh to let him go for not exceeding expectations (Finishing in the top half). Overall, I think we should give him next season to prove himself and next year we can judge him fully with no excuses for poor decisions. 

The excuses I alluded to were that of not having a strong squad, as realistically you can’t expect him to break into the top 12 with the squad he has currently. The side at present is too inconsistent for me and there is an obvious lack of depth therefore I feel Taylor can’t have all the blame for recent form. Take Wilkinson for example, in my opinion our only natural goal-scorer who is likely to score 20+ goals - when he is injured there is no like for like replacement and I don’t feel Adeloye is enough. 
Below are players I would keep for next season, not taking into account their contract status: 

Elliot Justham 
Lewis Moore 
Alex McQueen 
Kenny Clark 
Manny Onariase 
Ben Goodliffe 
Luke Pennell 
Liam Gordon 
Gavin Hoyte
Harry Phipps 
Jack Munns 
Matt Robinson 
Angelo Balanta
Chike Kandi 
Conor Wilkinson 
Elliot Bonds 

Here are aspects I feel we need to invest in:
Natural Finisher
Midfield Playmaker, young Premier League academy player
Football League experienced players (2) 
Proven quality winger

Overall I feel we are around five players short of having a team and squad ready to challenge for the title. These players include young energetic midfielders as well as creative wingers who can deliver a final ball more often than not.

Finally onto the playing style, I am sure like many would love to see full blooded attacking performances. Unlike at Victoria Road on Tuesday where we persisted with five at the back. Hence why I would like three out of the five of my signings to be attacking players, this is something I am sure is at the back of Peter Taylor’s mind being a winger. 

In a nutshell, I am confident for the year ahead and hope Peter Taylor can take the club to new heights with the help of the owners. COME ON YOU DAGGERS!



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