Peter Taylor - In or out?

Peter Taylor now finds himself in a situation where he has got us out the relegation zone (which we wanted) after a great run but now again he is struggling for consistent results. 5 more wins is what he says, if we can secure them then can’t we just start building for next season. There have been some question marks over his future but I believe it would be a mistake letting him go.

Consistent performances he may not be able to control but consistent team selection has proven to be successful throughout football. Therefore though I feel he has improved the situation in terms of league position he needs to change in terms of team selection. This I think he needs to be given time to do and believe people have got a bit carried away with the new owners expecting instant success. 

But Another factor that has proven to be successful is stability as it is the first step to consistency. So the last thing we need is another manager who would jeopardise the stability and increase uncertainty. Who would we bring in? The owners have one aim, to get the club back playing league football and I have total faith in them to make the right decision. 

This leads me on to the point of his team selections which I must admit I do feel have been odd at times. Though again we don’t know the full story whether there were any knocks in training or how the players performed in training e.t.c. Also he hasn’t built his ideal squad yet so in the summer with some quality additions I think he will be able to work his magic. 

My next point is his profile - Peter Taylor, former England manager. Although for a short period of time, that sentence alone will attract players to Dagenham. Many players from football league clubs looking for first team football will see his name and think, I want to play under him. Not only does his name attract quality like Manny Onariase and Connor Wilkinson, his contacts from being at the top are endless. The next Harry Kane or Declan Rice could be brought to our club through his contacts with academies and coaches improving the squad in our pursuit of league football. Therefore I think it wouldn’t be the right move to get rid of him or let him go - it would be a missed opportunity!

All in all I feel letting him go at the end of this campaign will be the wrong decision. As success is never instant and to get into the football league we need a clear plan. A new season is the best time to launch that new plan and if there is a man at the helm who already knows the squad this will increase our chances of promotion. The owners have a mentality of long term thinking so if they feel Taylor isn’t on the same wavelength they will make the decision but for now I truly believe he is the right man for the job.

He is not Pep Guardiola but then at least he is not Steve Evans. 

There’s only one Peter Taylor!


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