Fans Forum Review

The forum saw questions asked to; Peter Taylor, Paul Gwinn and Steve Thompson with one question being asked to Terry Harris towards the end.

Why did you take the job?

I was asked to do more scouting but I enjoy managing and coaching a lot more. I knew that John was leaving to Barnet so was aware of the vacancy. I was invited to the club and went to the meeting, on the way back I thought if I get it great if not we will move on. I then got the call and was excited by the prospect of the job, I knew it would be difficult but I am pleased I took the job.

There were 9 or 10 realistic possibilities but they didn't quite get pushed over the line but we are currently talking to two different lots of people. In terms of previous interest one potential investor who looked quite promising was from Spain unfortunately the deal fell through. We are hopeful that an investor will come in.

You are spot on we need a striker, to lose Cheek was nightmare timing. I called Michael in and he said he wanted to go so I told them (Paul Gwinn and Thompson) that there was a player for sale and we got some money for him. Apart from when he plays us I hope he does well. I am not spending too quickly because once the money is gone it's gone. We have got players trialing and there is one in particular who looks quite promising. Just to make a comment about the team I feel we should have had four points in the last two games, a draw against Boreham Wood and a win on Tuesday. Specifically I am looking for a striker who plays well with his back to goal who can link the midfield and the strikers.

He was a young player at Tottenham who went to Carlisle and played around 30 matches for them. Before signing for a club in Finland where we bought him from. He can play as a full back and holding midfielder; very athletic.

The money will be tight and small things like team travel have been rearranged to help the club financially. We remain confident we will get some form of investment. However, as it stands we didn't make as much revenue as we first thought and the season ticket numbers also fell from last season.

Keeping players beyond 2018/19?

We are still wanting at least one more centre forward. But the players we have signed are not interested in the money they just want to improve. If investment and the financial state is good we can offer another year. The only way you will improve is by playing first team football and if they feel they like the club they may want to stay a further year. The icing on the cake would be getting some Russian investors. Thompson added Taylor was being modest and he was a big reason why many came to the club.

Standard of referees?

Has it got to be a quick answer? On Ben’s red card, he can’t lunge in this was something we knew they would be hot on. The Boreham Wood ref was right in his decision and was overall ok. However, the Maidstone referee was not good, he was quite inconsistent. He also added 'Carry on encouraging the young side. I have recognised and appreciate your support.'

Loan Signings?

I’m very happy with the loan signings and the pro club’s relationships with National League clubs. For example, Wright’s mistake may have gone unpunished at U23 level but in first team football at this level he paid for that mistake. They will be a stronger side in the next two or three games I can say that whether that is due to coming together more or a new signing.

Communication and Captaincy?

We are working on talking within the side and helping communication. For example we will do drills in training where you have to talk. Ben is a great captain but also a frustration with his injuries but a great man to have around.

Terry Harris?

He is a great lad, I played with him at Chelmsford but I did most of the running. I then got him as assisstant manager at Dartford and he was great there. I can rely on him when I am away you know when I want to do my shopping and when I am not there they see him as No.1.


Experienced players are honestly too dear however young talkative players and leaders are better in their numbers compared to one experienced player. The likes of Ben Goodliffe and Wright are great to have at the back. 


I can’t tell you about the Ebbsfleet money as on the initial offers it says they are subject to confidentiality. I know it is frustrating but that is the world we live in. Thompson also added when asked that they made around £50,000 from the West Ham game.

Non - printed programmes?

We make a small profit on the programmes and there is a lot of advertising. At the moment we are coping financially with the programmes so we shouldn't need to revert to online programmes.

How will performances attract business?

It is the potential of what you have that is important when looking to attract investors. We have a football league graded ground so if someone comes in wanting to take the club forward, we have all the tools in place to help them push on with us. We built the new changing rooms up to Championship standard so the attraction is we have all that in place.

Sell on clauses?

The sell on clauses range between 15 and 22.5% of the profit. We had a 20% sell on clause from Dwight Gayle, we still got money when he went to Newcastle,which surprised many people.

Pennell fitness?

Luke Pennell is a very good centre half,if he is fit and well he will get into the side.He will train tomorrow and he has a good chance of getting on the bench,but I don’t want to chance him,on Saturday. 

What is your Starting XI?

The slight problem we have is a back three would be preferable to a back four due to the amount of Centre backs we have. However, I am sort of sacrificing the front three as they all have talent that is ine reason why I am playing a 4-3-3. But when everyone is fit and well I would change to a 5-3-2 with three at the back and wing backs.

“If we all have a good go at it including players and supporters we will all feel good about ourselves at the end of the season.” Saying it will be a challenge.

Peter Taylor

Cup Runs?

“ Cup competitions are vital. Good cup runs are not just good for the team but for the cash flow as well. We always say, in terms of the FA Trophy, to the team this is your chance to get to Wembley”
Terry Harris


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